Mobile App Development(Android & iOS Development)

Learn iOS & Andriod Mobile App Development

* Performance Optimization And Testing
* Building An User Interface
* Managing The Activities And Fragments
* Steps On Monetizing An Application
* Protect Android Security Architecture
* Intrusion Or Tamper Detection
* Reverse Engineering
* Learn how to build Android and iOS mobile applications
* Learn to work with remote data streams using RxJS
* Learn how to create rich and attractive mobile UIs
* Know how to use NativeScript for mobile application development
* Test iOS and Android apps on real devices and publish those apps to the app stores of the two platforms

* Become a freelance native mobile developer and earn money from home.
* Job opportunities in companies as a mobile app developer
* Build mobile app as a service
* Get 3 months’ internship opportunity with us after you are certified a full stack web and software developer.

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, XML etc
Back End Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS Firebase, NoSQL etc 
Framework:  NativeScript, Ionic 3,  etc

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