How it work ...

The FORECAST provides banks and ATM owners with an insight into the future.

Being scientific in approach, no more intuition-based cash replenishment is required. This gives them the advantage of optimizing the cash levels maintained in the ATMs. Banks do not need to incur the costs of loss of opportunity or customer dissatisfaction due to cash outages.

Multiple replenishment trips are normalized and emergency trips are minimized. This leads to the minimization of cash handling costs. Being a powerful tool, FORECASH can process large number of records and give freedom to the user to concentrate on other strategic aspects.

Cash Forecasting Process

 >> ATMs, locations and routes are created
 >> ATMs are assigned to locations and locations are assigned to routes
 >> Past period and future periods are created
 >> Raw data in CSV format is imported
 >> This raw data is consolidated per ATM ID and past period ID
 >> Consolidation generates required data cubes as well
 >> Future values are generated with a combination of ATM ID, past period ID and future period ID
 >> Replenishment can be generated for every “n” days depending on the replenishment cycle
 >> User can, however, omit ATMs which are faulty or down


 >> Reduced Downtime
 >> Optimized Replenishment Trips
 >> ATM Network Operational Efficiency
 >> Increased Customer Satisfaction
 >> Optimized Replenishment Schedule
 >> Denomination Level Forecasting